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Our Story

After having 20/20 vision all her life, our founder Jess found herself squinting at the university presentations unable to make out the words on the board. With her exams looming, she knew it was finally time to get herself some specs.

Off to the optometrist she trot. While the experience was tedious as expected, what Jess did not expect was the hefty price tag after she chose one pair of frames. Nonetheless, Jess paid $270 for one pair of average looking glasses, which broke within four months.

With that, Jess decided to look online for some more affordable, yet fashion forward eyewear. Her search was fruitless as the frames she ordered were either super cheap (and bad quality) or were breaking the bank on her student budget.

A light bulb went off, and an idea was born!

How could Jess get herself some cool frames that didn’t break after a few months, and didn’t break her wallet either?

Jess and her partner Marco decided to travel far and wide for her search of superior quality frames (all whilst working full time in accounting and taking too much sick leave to focus on finding these ever elusive frames). Jess & Marco travelled from Germany to Milan, Hong Kong to London to source the best optical manufacturers (and met some of the leading designer brands in talks with these manufacturers too – that’s how we know our quality is top notch and rivals the leaders of the optical industry at a fraction of the cost).

Shortly after, Opticals Online was born. Opticals Online is Jess & Marco’s baby, providing top quality eyewear at a price that is accessible to everyone. Why shouldn’t all of us 4-eyed peeps have the most stylish and sturdy frames?

Not only retailing optical prescription eyewear, Opticals Online also sells cosmetic and prescription colored contact lenses as well as blue light blocking glasses to protect our little squinters from those harmful bluelight rays, making us the #1 trusted online retailer of all things Opticals.

Not only has Jess ensured we provide a product that we are proud to wear, she also feels like she has a responsibility to give back to those in a less fortunate position to us. Approximately 15% of the world’s population lack access and resources to necessary glasses and eyewear. Because of this, Jess ensures that a % of each sale goes towards various charities to help restore clear eyesight to those in need.

Be confident in supporting a brand that cares about our customers, and our community.


A little note from Jess:

Not all that glitters is gold, but if you put on your specs you’ll see the positivity in every situation.

Love, Jess xx





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