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July 27, 2017

Makeup is all about the eyes. Eye makeup trends can range from bold and colorful to easy and minimalist. Figuring out what eye makeup to wear is one of the biggest decisions; no matter whether you are going to a party, casual gathering or simply going to work.

If you've got beautiful eyes then you should flaunt them by wearing the right eye makeup to make your eye colors pop. If you think that only blue eyes can be highlighted and brown eyes are boring, then you are mistaken! Brown eyes are the most versatile and easiest eye colors to enhance with makeup; brown eyes suit the largest variety of shades and colors!

But regardless of your eye color, the first thing you need to ensure is that you've chosen the best products to enhance your look. So before we proceed to the makeup looks that can suit your face and personality, we need to have the best products to get the job done.

For instance, if you don’t have perfect smudge-proof liquid liner and mascara then how can you make your eyes pop? You know as well as I do that glitter can go from gorgeous to gaudy very quickly if you mess with your eye makeup. This post is to guide you on some of the lesser known facts that will make your eyes your most distinguishing feature! Whilst we've also picked out some amazingly trendy smoky eye looks that you simply need to try out this season.

Here, feast your eyes:

Eyeliner Drama

Eyeliner Drama

To create dramatically kohl-lined smoky eyes, you need to create a flawlessly smoky base with a subtle gray shadow. Use it to nicely cover up your lids entirely, and give it a gentle stretch to cover up the outer corners of your eyes. This subtle gray shadow is simply to give them a smoky shading and a more pronounced body, for you will add the dramatic dark effect with the liner.

Pick out a heavy-duty roll-on jet black eyeliner and use it to create a thick kohl lining that covers up at least half of your lids. Give it a heavily matted effect, and trace out the lower lids of your eyes with it as well. Pair this look with colored contacts for a glamorous finish.


Ombre Eyes

If you like bright colors then you should try ombre style! Ombre is the look when the eye shadow color is concentrated at the boundary of your eyelash and then gradually fades away as it reaches your eyebrows! It is a perfect look for spring as you can use bright colors and lighten up your eyes. This look is perfect for spring and suits people with pear shaped and round face and dark eyes!


Glitter Punk Cat-Eyes

Glitter Punk Cat-Eyes

Who doesn’t like to dabble with glitter and sparkly silver eyes? To create this iconic cat eye statement, you start by smudging your lids with matte jet black eye shadow. Don’t bother with the usual techniques because this look has to messy and smudgy. After smudging up your eyes, take a black liner and extend the black shadow with a cat-eye accent, and drive it from your outer corners towards your forehead. Fill up space between your outer eye corners and the forehead with sparkly silver glitter. Seal the look with natural colored contact lenses.


Shimmering Silver

Shimmery and glittery shades are perfect for winter as they draw attention to and subtly frame your eyes. Icy, metallic and silver shades suit most skin tones and create a dewy look. These palettes are different and versatile too and are universally flattering. They make your eyes look broad and beautiful.


Red Smoke

Red Smoke

This unique look requires red or maroon eye shadow, matte jet black eye shadow and cosmetic colored contacts for glamorously bright eyes. Now, you begin smudging up your lids with grayish black shadow, evenly spread out on the lids with a messy effect. Then, use a fierce red shadow to dab the center of your lids so the red stands out between the grey-black smoky effects. Use the same grey-black shadow to smudge out your lower lash line, and then use a heavy duty mascara to winge out all your lashes evenly.


Bronze and Copper Shades

Encircling light colored eyes with some copper or similar shade makes them look deep and intense. For instance, if your eyes are bluish, greenish and on lighter side then outlining them with dark border and contrasting this dark shade with warm orange or apricot hued shadow will bring out the coolness of your eyes. This will bring out the amber and hazel shade and make you stand out from the crowd.


Asian Eyes

Asian Eyes

No racism intended but since we are discussing eye makeup, it is necessary to bring up the challenges faced by people with smaller eyes. Although going naked with eyes and applying makeup-up is sometimes the best option but that doesn’t work always! Simple and straight, adding a little black liner in the crease and the inner corner make eyes look bigger and brighter. Adding some glittery gold eye shadow into inner corners of the eye can simply make your party- ready! You can simply blend some of the hues and grace your casual occasions as well.

Asian Eye Shadow Secret

Your eyes are the windows to the soul and eye shadows are the curtains and thus you need to be very cautious about your choice of color of eye shadow. It lifts your spirit every time you gaze into a mirror if you apply them seamlessly and pick the colors that complement your eyes. If your eyes are light in shade like blue or green then you should try colors with amber, coral or champagne tones. For hazel eyes, colors like dusty pink, rich chocolate brown will make the eyes look brighter. Smokey eyes are perfect for brown eyes and thus shades like caramel, golden or chocolate brown will be perfect! Bronze, charcoal gray, plums and deep green shades are perfect for dark brown eyes!

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

If you are applying some glitters on your eye then you should apply something to make it stick. You can use a bit of lip balm to make it stick or a color coordinating cream eye shadow. You may also make use of petroleum free balm that comprises natural components such as shea butter, olive oil or grapefruit.

If you think that liner and shadow are not for you but you are still wanting a look then false lashes are the answer for you! You just have to apply it by putting a coat of mascara on your lashes and you are ready to rock the stage!

If some glitter has fallen below your eye, then don’t just let it stay! Although nylon bristles lend more control and hence you may try using a flat brush of nylon to apply the same to prevent spillage! You can remove it using a scotch tape or some lift off products to remove glitter from unwanted areas.

Eyes are the first thing which someone notices and thus it is important to play them up as much as possible. So use these techniques and tips and make them look mysterious and beautiful at the same time!




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