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Posted by Bright Eyes Contacts on 16th September, 2017

This fall, boldly colorful and gloriously bright eyes are all the rage on the beauty radar. And we’ve picked up some amazingly hot runway inspirations to help you experiment with this voguish trend.

Here, take a look:

Purple Extravaganza

Purple Extravaganza

Oscar de la Renta’s Fall’17 collection, Joie de Vivre, was truly an enjoyment of life and it gave us some insanely glamorous eye makeup for colorful bright eyes. This gorgeous bright-hued makeup look is incredibly easy to create. You begin by covering up your lids with purple eye shadow, subtly stretched towards the outer corners of your eyes.

Then, you take a bright magenta liner, or you can even use eye shadow, to create a sleek and slim liner to pronounce your lash line and create a vibrant combination. Then, add cosmetic colored contacts to amplify the glamour, and dab your eye lashes with black mascara.


Multi-Coloured Glam

Multi-Coloured Glam

Kendall Jenner’s multicolored eye shadow at the Milan Fashion Week caused quite the glamour frenzy on the runway. You can easily replicate this statement to bling up your look with bright eyes contacts. You begin by applying a subtle shimmery sea green in the middle of your lids and dabbing the inner corners of your eyes with a bright sky blue.

Then, take a highly pigmented purple eyeliner or eye shadow to fill up the outer corners of your eyes, your lower lash line and create a dramatic cat-eye effect. Lastly, create two yellow dots on the inner corners of each eye, and wing out your lashes with a heavy duty mascara.


Flame Orange

Flame Orange

Orange lids are your best trick to stand out and attract attention. This voguishly glamorous makeup look is another pick from Oscar de la Renta’s Joie de Vivre, which was a glorious celebration of color. You can easily create this look within seconds. Begin by covering up your lids with a matte orange shadow, or even a glossy one if that’s what you prefer. Then, take a magenta eyeliner or shadow to create a sleek line to accentuate your lash line. Pair this look with colored contacts to make your eyes really pop.


Messy & Blue

Messy Blue

Energetic light blue eye shadow is trending super-hot on the beauty radar, and paired with natural colored contacts, this is a splendid look to stand out. All you have to do is cover up your lids and lower lash line with heavy duty matte light blue eye shadow, and use a mascara to wing out your lashes evenly.

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